Do you exhibit the proper self control when talking with late-paying Patients?


Do you want to learn why improving this skill will make a tangible improvement for your internal collections efforts?  Register for this short educational webinar today!

A struggling economy requires great negotiation skills when speaking with patients or customers who owe you MONEY. Learn how showing the proper level of self control can make the difference between a Win-Win Negotiation, or another frustrating, unsuccessful attempt to collect on an overdue bill. This 45-minute webinar will help your staff increase collections without damaging relationships through Win-Win Negotiations for Collections.

IC Win Win Negotiations for Collections


Attendees will learn how to:
•Engage debtors in a negotiation process that benefits both parties
•Avoid stalemates through active listening
•Learn key phrases that instantly build rapport and trust
•Successfully close calls to INCREASE collections  


Former Professional Debt Collector and Supervisor Nathan Hagge shares the lessons learned during years leading a collection floor.  He applies just the right mixture of logic, persuasion and tactics to ensure that your staff will leave this webinar with some tangible tips that can make a difference for you in your real-world collections situations. Each client or patient communication matters and this webinar will leave you better positioned to maximize those contacts!


IC System Win Win Negotiations for Collections


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