How Changing Collection Laws Can Affect YOUR Business


Dental Office Managers are forced to juggle a wide variety of duties.  One of the most challenging of those duties is managing slow-paying or non-paying patients. This inevitably means you’ll have to be contacting those patients over the phone.  Sometimes those conversations can become contentious.  If you’ve ever wondered exactly what your rights are when engaging in those conversations you may want to check out this free webinar filled with free tips relating to collections techniques – for both providers as well as third party collection agencies.

Webcast on Collection Laws by IC System

The ever changing landscape of collection rules, regulations and oversight has many businesses unclear as to how far they can go in pursuit of delinquent accounts. This free LIVE Webcast:

Legal Landmines: How Changing Collection Laws Can Affect YOUR Business will educate and engage viewers with insightful tips on how to effectively and safely refine their internal collections practices – BEFORE they ever require handling by a third-party collection agency.


You’ll learn tips on:

How to craft a proper financial agreement that MAXIMIZES collections.

Why recent changes in case law should have you rethinking your current processes.

How do I validate a debt after a dispute?

Can I legally add collection fees?

What is the CFPB, and why should you care?



IC System Webinar on Collections Law by Michelle Kreidler Dove




Michelle Kreidler Dove, Esq., General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at IC System leads this engaging presentation that will answer your most pressing collections-law related questions. You’ll benefit by taking cues and lessons learned from the experts at I.C. System, a family-owned, Seventy-Five year old collection agency.


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