How to Choose a Dental Collection Agency that Helps You Maintain Patient Relationships


You cleaned Jane’s teeth a month ago, and have for over 6 years. You started as Jane’s mother’s dentist, and now you treat her, her husband, and their three adorable children. But now Jane’s parents have fallen on bad times, leaving you with unpaid services, and the guilty feeling of having to send Jane’s parents’ unpaid bills to dental debt collection.

Sending a family-sized-worth of valued patients to collections can be scary because you care about them and don’t want to lose their business. You’ve enjoyed watching Jane’s baby teeth fall out for the tooth fairy, and grow into mature ones, so you don’t want to see Jane switch dentists, or worse visit no dentists, because her parents received a collection letter.

Dental collections require a softer approach, so when searching for a dental debt collection company, you need to find one that won’t make your patients feel like they’re having a root canal – without the happy gas. You need a collection agency that will value your patients as much as you do, and treat them with respect so you can maintain their business and not scare away your patients over a collection letter.

1) Find an agency that specializes in dentistry collections

If an agency specializes in dental collections and has maintained a business for several years doing so, there’s a chance they’re still in business because they’re good at what they do.

Still not convinced?

2) Ask for references

If the agency can provide you with a few references who will share their testimonial, it means the agency’s client is not only satisfied with services, but also maintains a good relationship, similar to the one you’re trying to maintain with Jane’s entire family.


3)  Ask for endorsements

If the agency is endorsed by dental associations across the country, it’s a positive sign that they’re trusted to your client needs and satisfaction.

Need more?

4) Ask about their collections approach

If an agency will incorporate your dental clinic’s mission and values into their collection workflow, it means they care about finding a way to reach your patients in a way that meets your needs.


5) Ask about their compliance

If any agency is compliant, they will follow, at a minimum, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), and have their collectors ACA collector certified and their agency ACA – PPMS Certified.

You don’t have to lose Jane’s family’s business because of a collection letter. It may be scary, but with the right agency, you can collect your owed bills and look forward to seeing Jane smile brighter.


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