Is Your Front Desk the Key to Better Collections?


Getting paid for the services you provide is often the most trying part of your business. For Dental practices there is an underused asset available to combat increasing unpaid invoices – your existing Front Desk Staff! Learn some of the tips which will allow your office to collect more by watching this Live Webinar.The Collection Floor at IC

In this 45-minute interactive presentation you’ll learn:

  • Who should be responsible for collections activities
  • Proven techniques for gathering critical information
  • Tips for making more effective collection calls

You’ll also discover some great ideas for building rapport with your slow-paying customers or patients as well as ensuring that you’re sufficiently protecting their identity as you proceed with efforts to collect what is rightfully owed to you.

Former Collector and Debt Collection Industry veteran Matt Roark will lead this interesting and engaging presentation which promises to improve your INTERNAL collection efforts – before you even need to consider outsourcing to a third party debt collection agency.


IC System Webinar Promotional Video








Matthew Roark

District Sales Manager

I.C. System, Inc.


  • Background in commodity futures markets handling margin calls and receivables
  • Joined I.C. System as a Warehouse Team Lead Collector
  • Transitioned to a Sales Rep for I.C. System

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