Get Softly Aggressive: Effective Recovery Plus Client Retention


The Definition of REAL Pain = Losing a Valued Patient

When patients don’t pay your clinic, it hurts you. Both financially and sometimes even emotionally. You’ve invested time into growing your patient relationships and you hate knowing they’ve fallen on hard times, but you also realize you’ll fall on hard times without receiving payment for your services.

Unfortunately, your in-practice collection methods have proven to be ineffective, costly, and/or time-consuming for you and your staff. You’re not equipped to properly handle past due invoices because you’re more concerned (rightfully so!) with servicing your patients. This means it’s time to get a little more aggressive about your past due accounts and under the right circumstances – send them to a professional debt collection agency.

However, you might be thinking ‘remember when you said I don’t want to lose patients over a past due invoice? Well, I still don’t.’ But you need not have fear because with the right collection agency, you won’t lose a patient.

Picture of MoneyIt’s easy to think collection agencies are hounds at the door when that’s what you hear about them – after all, who’s going to brag about a good collections experience? But somewhat surprisingly, there are agencies that aren’t hounds. In fact, there are agencies who are more like puppies – soft and only looking to be your friend. While you might not want to get close and cuddly with a collector or give them a belly rub, it helps when a collection agency wants to help and operate on a friendly level, not a hound level. So don’t write off the idea of a collection agency just yet.

A collection agency who offers a softer approach has many benefits – one of the most important being client retention, but also collection effectiveness – meaning more money back in your wallet!

For example, take IC System’s Recovery Plus Program.

In Phase I, for a small flat fee (no commissions) your patients receive a series of up to five diplomatically-worded collection letters. It’s not necessarily about what you say, but how you say it.

This “softer” collection approach ensures you maintain your business relationship, but also, by coming from a collection agency creates a sense of urgency and seriousness which gets the bill paid.

All receivables are sent directly to you and you keep 100% of the money recovered.

Then, unpaid and qualifying (based on amount) accounts roll into Phase II. For a competitive contingency fee, accounts receive intensive and comprehensive recovery efforts.  This may include: more direct letters, skip tracing, professional phone contacts, and/or credit reporting to national credit bureaus.


By limiting call attempts, often seen as the big bark that scares people dealing with collections, the approach becomes softer, yet is still a wet-nosed nudge to get your patient to pay, and keep returning to your clinic.

Collections can be patient-retention effective and money-recovered effective. All it takes is finding the right collection agency and debt recovery program. Have you found yours?


No Legal Advice Intended:  This communication is for informational purposes only and is not intended, and should not be taken, as legal advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances.  This communication does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and I.C. System, Inc.  You should contact an attorney for advice on specific legal issues.



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